Children are the guardians of hope and imagination, the quintessential angels-on-earth/spokespeople for how the world should be.  Their formative years, therefore, are crucial in shaping who they will become and what their ideologies will be. They are the pure, raw, sacred materials upon which we write our destinies—and theirs. For these reasons, what they read is of utmost importance. Through the written word, we can create how they learn from the world, how they process their environment and the tools within it, and what they do with that knowledge. Whether your story is didactic, humorous, inspirational, or adventure/fantasy-oriented, you have come to the right place. We ensure that your message will resonate in the exact voice, tone, and style that you envision. 

Delegate the composition to us. We will honor your ideas, while making suggestions to enhance the narrative. 

Do you have a child in your life that impacts you personally? Enshrine that experience in a biographical account or fiction story (perhaps based on truth) that will memorialize your experience. 

Every narrative will be crafted with you and your subject in mind, and the finished product with be a tribute to your heart’s intentions.